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Mayor's Gala

Broward Country's annual Gala celebrated their 80's birthday in October 2019. As an annual event for the county, we created a themed and custom event that would 'wow' the audience away. The topic was "The Wizard of Oz", so we created custom scenic pieces for the stage, did the layout of the different rooms, and drafted the furniture elements. The entrance foyer represented Dorothy's blue checkers dress and the red sparkly shoes, while the VIP area took the guests to the Fairy Godmother's spirit with soft pinks and white tones. The ballroom's entrance had the yellow brick road leading to stage, which had custom built emerald crystals in the back.

My job was to come up with the creative direction, manage the vendor and client relationship, as well as organize the set-up and strike times for each supplier.

Client: Mayor's Gala, Broward Convention Center
Agency: Everlast Productions
Role: Art Direction, Stage Design, Production
Location: Fort Lauderdale

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