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About Amaya


Let's tell a story together and make it unforgettable.

Amaya is a creative hybrid who is very passionate about Experiential Marketing and Production. Her ambition is to bring new and compelling experiences to viewers, using art and design, to help brands connect with their consumers in meaningful ways.


She was born and raised in Germany and has always enjoyed exploring different cultures and places. Amaya lived in Australia for a year when she was 15 years young and discovered her passion for living in different places. After getting her Master's Degree at FIU in Miami, FL and attending Miami Ad School, she found her home in sunny Florida.


Since then, Amaya has worked on brands like Viacom, Bacardi, PBR, Pepsi and more, creating immersive and tangible experiences for their consumers and audiences. 


Amaya is a big foodie and enjoys trying new restaurants and hidden, local spots. If she's not by the beach, biking, dancing or trying new culinary experiences, she will most probably be at home with her two cats, Egypt and Cleo. *Pictures available upon request.

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