Broward Country's annual Gala celebrated their 80's birthday in October 2019. As an annual event for the county, we created a themed and custom event that would 'wow' the audience away. The topic was "The Wizard of Oz", so we created custom scenic pieces for the stage, did the layout of the different rooms, and drafted the furniture elements. The entrance foyer represented Dorothy's blue checkers dress and the red sparkly shoes, while the VIP area took the guests to the Fairy Godmother's spirit with soft pinks and white tones. The ballroom's entrance had the yellow brick road leading to stage, which had custom built emerald crystals in the back.

My job was to come up with the creative direction, manage the vendor and client relationship, as well as organize the set-up and strike times for each supplier. 

My Role: Art Direction, Production, Decor, Management

Agency: Everlast Productions

Annual Media Entertainment Event



This client holds annual events for the executives of the company - this year in Miami and at the DuPont Building. We were fortunate enough to produce and design this event from start to end. We created a 20's and Old Hollywood themed event with accents of Art Deco. We kept it very chic and elegant with the colors and built custom stages throughout the old bank.


I designed a gold string installation for the big windows in the building to add some extra element to the event. I was also in charge of managing the budget sheet, nurturing the relationships between the vendors and agency, and the overall communication between the creative team and project management.  

My Role: Art Direction, Stage Design, Project Management, Production

Agency: Everlast Productions

R House Wynwood



The R House in Wynwood hosted a showcase to exhibit new and international artists. People were invited to watch a live-artist paint and mingle around and network. My job was to design promotional flyers and manage the invitations around Miami. 

My Role: Art Direction, Graphic Design, Creative Management

Agency: The R House

Café con Leche



Café con Leche was a comedy event that brought together talented people who want to tell a story on stage. We also had a special guest, Soy Diago, who performed some of his newest songs. This was an Art Basel show promoting the art of comedy. My duty was to keep the team organized and on track by creating timelines, work flows, and tasks. 

My Role: Art Direction, Project Management, Graphic Design, Talent Scouting

Agency: TSL Global


Art Vibes & Fashion


Art Vibes & Fashion was a platform working closely with the CEO of the Pretty Fly Society, Franck Mille. We hosted and created art showcases throughout the US for emerging artists. We featured every aspect of the art industry, from fashion design, jewelry, singers and performers, to photography and print design. Together as a team, we created an entertaining and immersive event for our audience around the cities. We traveled between Atlanta, Washington D.C., San Francisco, and Houston and worked with local magazines, schools, and ratio stations to promote the artists around. 

My role was to come up with creative directions for the events, manage the different teams, and help the founder with budget sheets and annual planning. 

My Role: Art Direction, Project Management, Production

Agency: Art Vibes & Fashion

Art Basel Miami



In 2017, Beefeater Gin chose 10 out of 600 artists featuring their work at their Art Basel Miami event. The brief was to create the essence of Miami and to have 2 images that would be layered for a double exposure reveal

We created the a concept of Miami heat at night with the neon colors, representing the party and crazy Miami we all know about. To contrast the first photo, we created a mood of the bright Miami in the morning after, with a cafécito in your hand, smiling because it tastes too good after a night full of color. 

My Role: Art Direction, Photography, Photo Editing, Production

Agency: Beefeater Gin | Miami Ad School 




Miami Music Week is one of the largest electronic music events on the planet. Every year in March about 165,000 people travel to the city to see some of the greatest DJ's and performers. In 2018, over 1,200 artists performed, over 300 events were hosted in more than 85 different venues. 

In March, 2020 Insomniac was planning on hosting a huge show with some of the most known DJ's around the world. They came to Everlast Productions to see what type of creative DJ booth design we could develop and produce for the upcoming event.

My job was to come up with a concept and design that represents the industrial side of Miami.  

(**Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 MMW was cancelled and we weren't able to complete this project**)

My Role: Art Direction, Stage Design, Management

Agency: Everlast Productions 

Client: Insomniac