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CCCP || Unwanted Film Festival

Unwanted Film Festival In 2021, there were 85 million suspected pieces of child sexual abuse material found online. In the past year, a new film or image was uploaded every two seconds, making the abuse inescapable for survivors. Using AI, an algorithm was generated that created one film poster every 2 seconds.

Together with the No Fixed Address Agency, Street Attack created a two-day activation in NYC in the Tribeca Film Festival season, promoting the largest film festival hiding in plain sight by projecting film posters with titles that were inspired by real survivor stories. We put a 360 projection in a room to fully immerse the audience in this tragic truth.

The goal was to reduce the online victimization of children by providing programs and services to the public and spreading awareness. We handed out 'movie tickets' with a QR code on them, taking them to a landing page to sign a petition to take the content down.

Client: Canadian Center for Child Protection, No Fixed Address
Agency: StreetAttack
Role: Production, Fabrication, Staffing
Location: New York City

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