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Bijan Mustardson

Bijan Robinson is an American football running back for the Texas Longhorns and while having hundreds of touchdowns he earned the 2020 Alamo Bowl MVP with 10 rushes for 183 yards, he also created his own beloved Bijan Mustardson, scoring yet another touchdown in the mouths' of his fans.

The dijon mustard hit the shelves in 2022 and together with the CALLEN Agency, Street Attack got to promote it at one of the largest football games of the season, TX Longhorns vs Alabama, in September 2022 at a home game in Austin, TX.

We created and designed the custom hot dog box, wrapped in vinyl that held up to almost 100 custom-wrapped hot dogs to hand out to the fans. We hired an improv actor with sleek and funny lines, attracting the crowd to try the one and only Bijan Mustardson.

Client: CALLEN, Bijan Mustardson
Agency: StreetAttack
Role: Production, Fabrication, Art Direction
Location: Austin, TX

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