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Marketing Luncheon



Broward Convention Center in Fort Lauderdale Florida has a Marketing Luncheon every year, giving internal staff and members the new marketing strategies and ongoing plans. A panel of VP's and other important members of the BCCC introduced the future plans for the upcoming year.

We created a 360 projection with a huge reveal for the presentation: When the panel would start their program, the front side of the projection screen was stripped down for a "wow moment" and to grab the audiences' attention. 

My Role: Art Direction, Production, Management

Agency: Everlast Productions

Sports Hall of Fame


Sports Hall of Fame

The Broward Country Sports Hall of Fame honors and recognizes Broward County residents that have set the standard of excellence and positively affected our county through sports and athletic involvement. Not only was Everlast Productions part of the production, but the stage design for this event.

My Role: Art Direction, Stage Design

Agency: Everlast Productions

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