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Creativity and organization lead to unforgettable experiences.

About Me.

I am a creative hybrid who was born and raised in Germany and found my passion in experiential marketing and production. My ambition is to bring new and compelling experiences to clients, using art and imagination as a driving force.

After graduating with a Master of Science in Mass Communication at FIU and attending Miami Ad School for Art Direction, I worked at various agencies, such as Edelman in NYC, Everlast Productions, StreetAttack, and WDD gaining expertise in account management, creative services in the experiential marketing field, production and client relationships. Since then, I have worked on brands like LexisNexis, Samsung, Pepsi, Viacom, Bacardi, PBR, and more—creating immersive and tangible experiences for consumers, as well as digital and social marketing campaigns. I am also the Director of Experience at M.AD School of Ideas Punta Cana (previously knows as Miami Ad School), working on bootcamp curriculums and student involvements to enhance the overall experience at the school.

Amaya's skills have enhanced projects in a variety of ways. Between creative directions, designs, client relationship and team leadership/ management, she can handle many aspects of a campaign. Her hybrid skills, and way of working, are detail-oriented and intersect in many ways which comes in hand when freelancing on many projects at once. 

Amaya's work reflects her experience in the field as a creative, producer, as well as project and account manager. She has used her skills  to cover a variety of unique projects and campaigns and loves bringing immersive experiences to consumers. Amaya enjoys building long lasting relationships with clients and leading teams to success through organizational communication and detail oriented tasks. 

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