Raw Pop Up

multi sensory pop up event

showcasing art, music, and technology to redefine the experience of art. It features site-specific installations, highlighting human senses.


Plume & Petals

An unforgettable and dreamy cloud activation for the opening evening for the Annual Marketing Event at the Fontainebleau in Miami Beach.


Exotic Foliage

An exotic photo opportunity for the coffee brand's event in Miami. 


Marketing Luncheon

A 360 degree projection conference with a surprise factor for a Marketing Luncheon at the Broward Convention Center in Ft Lauderdale. 


Media Event

Experience the old Hollywood in the 1920's and 'let the party begin'.

Stage design, production, and decor elements customized and appropriately created.


Mayors Gala

A social event with special entertainment and peformances taking the audience through the world of Oz. 


Art Showcase

Introducing emerging and international artists to the Wynwood audience in the heart of Miami.


Sports Hall

of Fame

Congratulating and honoring Broward Country's residents that have been involved in sports and athletic activities. 


Art Vibes & Fashion

Platform that created and hosted art showcases throughout the US for all types of artists, from fashion designers to painters and performers. 


Café con Leche

What better way than laughing yourself into Art Basel in Miami? Comedy shows with sketches loosened up the tense moments before the creative madness began.


Art Basel

Award winning work for Beefeater Gin exhibition. Let the double illusion of the photo take you through the magic of Art Basel in Miami.



Miami Music Week

Miami Music Week is a yearly electronic dance music event that happens in March.

Insomniac is part of bringing together the rave community and hosting some of the greatest shows. 

Festival Fun